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What are New Trends in Management?

What are New Trends in Management? Posted on 12th December 2019

There are some managers that have been in their positions for a long time. It is important that they can keep up with the trends. No business can stand to fall behind its competitors.

Home Management

In the past, it was always imperative that the manager is on the premises at the same time when the employees were. In recent years this has changed. Now one of the trends is that business management can be done from other locations and it is quite common for managers to work from home. There are a lot of administrative tasks that a manager must perform. With some limited equipment at home, there are good opportunities for them to be able to complete this work in the home setting.

Millennial Management

Gone are the days when only the older generation was deemed fit for management positions. Now with millennials becoming so prominent in the workforce, the new trend is to put those who are qualified into management positions. The original concept was that younger managers would not be able to garner the respect of the employees. This has proven not to be the case, and in some instances, younger management can connect better with the employees.

Management Combined with Leadership

Normally management and leadership roles are different. Now the trend is for managers to also take on a leadership role. Mostly done with increased communication and connectivity with the employees. It can be difficult for some managers as they have to walk a fine line when doing this. Leaders often adopt a friendship type of relationship with co-workers. Managers have to be friendly towards their employees but cannot become friends.

Performance Trends

One of the many tasks that managers are responsible for is making sure the employees are performing according to their abilities. A new trend is for management to become concerned and aware of the well being of the employees. It has been shown that there are a lot of factors that relate to health that can affect the productivity of employees. For example, long hours, odd shifts, and stress. The manager that is aware of these and monitors them will be able to identify any problems in the work environment that may be affecting the productivity of the employees.

More Technology

The implementation of management technology into the culture of a business or organization has proven to be extremely beneficial for those in higher positions as well as helpful to the employees. It is now assumed that the implementation of management technology is no longer an option but a necessity.