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How to Become an Effective Manager

How to Become an Effective Manager Posted on 5th November 2019

Being assigned a management role in a business is something that many people feel is a real achievement. It usually means a promotion and an increase in pay. It also means that a lot more responsibilities are attached to the new position. For those who are new to management, there is a lot that needs to be learned aside from having the proper credentials to fill this role.


One of the hardest tasks for a new manager to learn is to be able to delegate. In a lot of cases, a new manager will have the staff to assist them with the management tasks. A mistake that many make is they feel that they have to do everything themselves. They feel this is necessary because they are in a management position. Not being able to delegate some of the tasks can make it very difficult for the new manager to be able to fulfill all of their duties as effectively as possible.


Although there is a difference between a leadership role and a management role in a company, the manager must have leadership qualities. They are in charge of their employees, and their job is to “lead” these employees to succeed in their respective positions.


New managers may need some time to build their communications skills. Even if this is one of their stronger characteristics. Taking on the role of manager places them in a position of authority, and it takes time to know what the boundaries of this authority are and how to communicate this to the staff.

Criticism and Feedback

A new manager may at first be concerned about the way they are handling their new position. They may feel that upper management is watching their performance. As such, they may be concerned about ngative feedback. A good manager should be able to take criticism and negative feedback and learn from this. This is an attribute that will set the new manager up for success.

Setting Priorities

As a new manager is settling into their new position, the first thing they need to do is prioritize. There is a lot to learn about this position, but the company must continue to function during this learning period. If the manager reviews their entire list of tasks and prioritizes these, then it will make it much easier.

Goal Setting

A good manager must be able to set goals for themselves. They must also be able to set the goals for the employees. Then it will be a matter of making sure everything is in place to achieve these goals. They cannot be unrealistic, and the manager must equip the employees with the tools and resources that will help them reach their goals.