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Breast Augmentation Management – Post-Operation Tips

Breast Augmentation Management – Post-Operation Tips Posted on 5th January 2023

Breast augmentation post-operation care means all the difference between a quick return to a patient’s normal life and one hampered by unexplained complications. For those reasons, surgeons from Motiva UK advise patients to follow specific post-operation care routines to achieve desired results.

Set Up Your Recovery Area

You have to establish a comfortable domain to recover after the surgery. Whether you only need a room where you will stay in solitude or the living room interacting with your loved ones, have this area established in advance.

Embrace Personal Hygiene

Breast augmentation recovery also requires adequate planning on personal hygiene, which spans from general grooming to handling wound dressing. Wearing special breast augmentation bras also comes in handy in aiding the healing process.

Sleep Well

Healthcare professionals from Motiva UK also recommend adequate sleep for optimal healing. They will also go to great lengths to encourage you to sleep on your back, not your stomach or the sides.

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