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Top Four Skills for Effective Managers in 2020

Top Four Skills for Effective Managers in 2020 Posted on 10th December 2020

The workplace is continually evolving, and managers need to develop, or they will fail at their jobs. 2020 came with its challenges, but it is also a learning opportunity. Here are some of the skills that managers will need to perform well in their job this decade.

Effective Communication

Communication is an integral part of any organization. Employees can always tell a good manager from a bad one based on their communication skills. Good communication outlines chains of command, job expectations, roles, and how employees can navigate workplace activities.

Good communication skills go beyond just calling meetings and issuing orders, it permeates to everyday interactions. For a manager to have effective communication skills, they need to create an environment that fosters open and honest dialogue and leverage various communication tools, especially in this era where many employees are working from home.

Listen More

Verbal or written communication is only half the communication cycle. The remaining loop is completed by listening. To be a great listener, always make sure you listen intently and never be in a rush to speak once someone is done speaking. Instead, pause and think about what they said and seek clarification. Also, remember to paraphrase what they said back to them to show you comprehend what they said.

Make Transparency and Trust Key

Combining transparency and trust creates an environment where innovation thrives and encourages people to go the extra mile. Trust goes both ways; that is, employees trust you as their leader, and they trust each other as team members. One way to improve trust and transparency is by encouraging respect among team members by allowing employees to contribute during team meetings, demonstrating that their input is valued.

Pick Projects for Employees Based on Skills

Instead of lumping employees together for a project, managers need to assign employees to projects that match their skill set to ensure that they form a cross-functional team. This can be done by identifying all the skills employees. Managers can discuss the roles and expectations of a project with suitable employees.