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Characteristics of Management

Characteristics of Management Posted on 4th October 2019

Characteristics refer to the qualities of the managers. Any manager that wants to do well in this type of position must possess several different types of characteristics.

Relying on Resources

For some, there may be a certain amount of qualities that come naturally. For others, they need to develop these qualities. There are all types of resources that can be used by those in management positions.


One of the qualities that a manager must have is being able to set goals. The manager must set goals for themselves as well as the employees they are going to be managing.


Many refer to this quality as being motivating. Either way, it means being able to encourage the employee to carry out their duties in the best way positive. The success relies on the manager being able to persuade the employee to do this with a positive attitude.


A manager doesn’t just have one task. They must possess the qualities that allow them to multi-task. Depending on the size of the company, this can be a daunting task. It is a quality that is highly important if the manager hopes to stay organized.

These are all qualities that allow for good management.