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How Can a Manager Organize a Team Building Activity?

How Can a Manager Organize a Team Building Activity? Posted on 18th September 2020

Every manager knows that his efficiency mainly depends on two factors: his skills and his staff’s work. As motivation is not always easy to maintain, one way to boost staff’s productivity is organizing a team-building activity.

It can be a social event, a one-day seminar, a yoga or cooking class, or a weekend in a ski resort: it all depends on the company’s budget and number of attendees.

How to Choose the Activity and the Venue

Do you think that a seminar on a specific subject is the way to go? Do you have a high staff number and want to treat them with an unforgettable party?

No matter what kind of activity you’ll choose: there’s only one key factor to keep in mind: the event aims at fostering interaction between participants.

Therefore, going to a show or a concert is probably not a good idea, as coworkers will surely enjoy the event. Still, the relationship between them will not be encouraged. On the other hand, a sports weekend or a cooking class can help people to interact more with each other.

The venue plays a crucial role in creating a successful team building activity. If you are thinking of a themed party, book a club where you can reserve a private room. In case you are planning a seminar, choose a hotel room equipped with audio and video.

If you’d like to create the right atmosphere, play song tracks of your choice of royalty free instrumental music, to help fill waiting times or complement a tasty aperitif.

More Practical Suggestions

Once you have planned the event, make sure to communicate well in advance with the team the day and time of the activity. If you still have to fix some details, don’t worry, you can do that later. At this stage, what you really need is to confirm the participation in the event.

Send out the invitations by mail or printed cards that can be placed on the employee’s desk. Avoid social media, Whatsapp, or word of mouth: those methods are too informal. Even if the event is a casual night out, it’s nice and motivating to receive a well-presented invitation.