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1. Management Expectations Between Managers and Employers

1. Management Expectations Between Managers and Employers Posted on 7th July 2019

In a company both management and employees need to know what to expect from each other. This can be made clear verbally or it can be done on a more formal basis such as position agreements. In a more simple form, these are job descriptions to which the employees are aware of and agree to.

Management Expectations

A good manager will be able to set specific expectations for their employees. While also making sure the employees are aware of these. Each company will have its own mandate concerning the employees, but there are general expectations that every manager should have.

  • Credibility: Managers will expect their employees to be honest about what their capabilities are and be willing to disclose any weaknesses they may have that pertains to their job.
  • Effective: Employees are expected to be able to carry out their job to the best of their ability. If they are not fully applying themselves, they are not meeting the expectations of their manager.
  • Contributor: Managers expect their employees to be able to contribute to the company. They do this by properly completing their tasks, being punctual, and not taking time off unnecessarily.

Employee Expecations

Employees have certain expectations that they place on their managers.

  • Proper Communication: Workers need to know that they can communicate with their manager. That the manager can give proper instructions that are applicable t what the employee is expected to do.
  • Resources: All employees have the right to expect their manager to provide them with the proper tools and resources to complete their jobs.

Both parties need to know what is expected of them.